12 July 2022

Head Student Appointees for Academic Year 2022-23

We are delighted to announce the appointment of our Head Student Team for 2022-23. The successful students are Holly Middleton, Thomas Johnson, Emily Roberts,  Amelia O'Brien and Edmund Smith.

Amelia and Edmund's specific duties focus on school governance and students' participation and representation at both county and national levels. The successful applicants have been through a rigorous process. After written applications, a democratic vote of their peers, in-tray tasks, panel presentations and a formal interview, applicants have worked as hard as they might expect to for professional training schemes or jobs in the future. Twenty-two students applied for the roles - those who were ultimately unsuccessful were high standard candidates and deserve credit for putting themselves forward. Well done to the Sixth Form for supporting this process and we wish the new team the best of luck for the new academic year!

Mr Wilbraham
Deputy Head of Sixth Form