4 May 2022

Dear Parents and Carers, 

We are fast approaching the GCSE exams and I am writing to outline our plans for supporting students during that period.

Year 11 will have their last teaching day in school on Friday 13th May, and formal written exams begin for all students on Monday 16th May. We have shared this information with students in school and have offered advice on revision, good health and exercise during their study leave. On Friday 13th May they will have a special assembly and will have the opportunity to say goodbye to friends and teachers, before leaving the school premises just after midday.

We are also offering targeted support and revision opportunities for students during this period. We will share letters with students early next week, identifying when revision sessions are taking place and where extra support is being offered. We have linked this carefully to when large exams are scheduled so that the maximum number of students can participate. Those letters will then be uploaded to the school website, so that parents and carers are aware of what is scheduled for students.

This is a very important time for students and we will continue to offer a high level of subject specific guidance and support as they prepare for and complete their examinations. 

Mr O’Sullivan