29 March 2022

25th March 2022


Dear Parent/Carer

For Year 13 students, the second annual report will be accessible via the SIMS Parent App from today, Tuesday 29th March. A pastoral report and a report for each core subject studied have been completed. Each criterion has been graded A – D, based on the descriptors below. Additionally, each subject report shows a recent assessment grade (basis identified / described briefly) and a probable grade. This probable grade refers to the end of year grade (AS or A Level) and is based upon prior attainment, performance to date and the additional information from JCQ (which you can read at this link).


N / A

Criterion not relevant


Almost always strong / good


Usually strong / good


Can fluctuate – not sufficient to progress


Not good enough / not coping – needs to do something to improve








Success at A Level demands effort related grades of A or B and unless this is shown, privileges such as home study time may be affected. Students achieving C and D for these areas will be interviewed by Mr Wilbraham or myself. Prior to this intervention, they should have very clear plans to address the issues identified. Failure to act on these will lead to underachievement and reduced choices in the future. Our aim, as always, is to improve the quality of the learning experience at Durham Johnston and students’ achievement.


We have a very clear uniform policy which all students have agreed to abide by and which is outlined in detail in student organisers. We require students to adhere to this when in school for lessons, study periods and exams. If students breach this code we reserve the right to send them home to change.


Upper Sixth students should by now have fairly clear plans for next year. For those who do not yet have places, UCAS ‘Extra’ continues to try to match students to vacancies and when results come out in August ‘Clearing’ will complete this. The student finance information has been issued to students and applications should be completed by the deadline specified. Not meeting deadlines for these forms and UCAS can have serious consequences. If you need support or advice on these matters please contact Mr Wilbraham or myself at school. Students unsure about their plans for next year have been invited to work with the Work Related Learning Officer, DurhamWorks. The first workshop was 17th March and the next is planned for 7th April, 3pm – 4pm. Students are welcome to attend even if they missed the first event. Every year a number of students take a gap year to help research the best future for them, and we continue to support them in their choices. Students should contact Mr Wilbraham or myself where they require assistance, including references.


Teaching finishes on Thursday 19th May when students start study leave for the exam period. They are of course welcome to study in school and many departments will be running revision activities at this stage. There are a few students involved in AS examinations before this date. Where these occur in the afternoon students will not be expected to attend morning classes.

I would ask that students return all books and other resources by Friday 1st July.

We are often asked for references on students who have left us and employers usually ask for details of attendance. Students should check that all absences are explained and our records are correct.

In recent years, we have had students who have contracted diseases such as mumps and meningitis. It is important to ensure that students are inoculated against these extremely serious diseases as they go through sixth form and on to university.

We are now moving into the final stage of the course and focus on academic work is crucial. We expect students to attend every lesson and to cut back on other activities such as part time work so that they can concentrate on securing the grades needed for their future. Using the Easter break to undertake a structured revision programme will provide a strong foundation for final preparation and help secure success in the summer exams. This stage and the imminent exams can be stressful for both students and their families and we will provide any support we can. The extra effort will, I hope, be worthwhile when students open their results envelopes on Thursday 18th August.

I would like to thank you for your support over these past two years.

Yours faithfully

Mrs A Lennon
Head of Sixth Form