7 February 2019

Breakfast club is running successfully every morning and has done since September. Breakfast club is open to all pupils in Year 7 and Year 8 and is free to children who are in receipt of free school meals, otherwise the charge is £2.50.  Pupils have the chance to select from Danish pastries, fruit, yoghurt, cereal, toast, pancakes, fruit juice and milk.      


Pupils have enjoyed socialising and completing fun tasks including quizzes, questionnaires, games and trading cards during breakfast. 

This has been an important part of pupils successful transition from Primary School into Year 7 at Durham Johnston Comprehensive School.  

You can read below some of the comments from pupils describing how they feel breakfast club has supported them.

Following February half term, breakfast club will be offered on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning only.

  •  It helps me to socialise. 
  •  I have made some great friends.
  •  I was the only pupil from my Primary School 
  •  so it helped me to meet new people. 
  •  I love pancakes!
  •  It gets me to form on time
  •  Helps me get organised for the day
  •  Saves me from starvation!
  • I am on time early and energised
  • The best things are pancakes friends and jam 
  • pastries
  • I like helping to serve the food
  • Friends, food, drinks, laughter


Mrs Bell, Assistant Headteacher