24 August 2023

Image of GCSE Results 2023

Thursday 24th August 2023


Congratulations to Year 11 on their excellent GCSE & Vocational results!


We are enormously proud of the excellent GCSE and Vocational results achieved by students at Durham Johnston in 2023. Like all students nationally, those studying at Durham Johnston have faced a challenging two years. They chose their GCSE subjects whilst being taught in ‘bubbles’ after missing a substantial part of their Year 8 and faced additional disruption in Years 10 and 11. Whilst 2021-23 was a more stable period nationally, many of our students faced a number of complex challenges. They have proven themselves to be conscientious and resilient. Educational success is based upon gathering momentum and having an adequate amount of time for trial and error. Our Year 11 students did not fully have that, making their success today even more worthy of celebration. If you are an adult reading this, think back to your own experience of examinations and consider how straightforward it was by comparison. It is wonderful to be able to celebrate the wide-ranging success of the year group.

2023 marks yet another year of excellent academic and personal achievements for the school’s Year 11 students and underlines their hard work and determination. It also highlights the support of their families and the commitment and dedication of their teachers. Students of all abilities have achieved superb GCSE results across a wide range of subjects at Durham Johnston, reflecting the school’s high-quality curriculum and hardworking students. We are proud of the fantastic results that students have achieved, particularly given the national context outlined above. They have coped stoically with a longer examination period and a much discussed return to 2019 GCSE standards. They have done wonderfully well and have earned the right to celebrate. 

We are proud of all of our students; from those achieving a number of 7 to 9 grades, to those who worked incredibly hard to achieve grades 2, 3 or 4. We are also thrilled that a high percentage of Year 11 will be continuing their studies with us at A Level and wish those leaving the school for further education or employment every success for the future. Our students successfully navigated a difficult 2 years with 76% of students attaining Level 4 in English and in mathematics (a standard pass), and 63% of all students passed English and mathematics at Grade 5 (a good pass). 9% of all grades were awarded a 9, with 37% of all grades being Level 7-9. A further 81% awarded grades were at 4-9 and 70% awarded at grades 5-9. The students have worked hard and have achieved a high level of deserved success. We are thrilled that they can take their next steps with confidence. 

Our core values relate to academic excellence for all, the need for students to acquire knowledge, the need to contribute to society and preparation for future employment, wherever in the world that might be. We also strongly believe that all students should have those opportunities, regardless of background. Our students have risen to the extremely challenging circumstances set before them, and we wish them all the best as they begin the next stage of their education, training, or employment. Their results are outstanding, and we are immensely proud of their achievements. Whilst they are leaving us for their next steps, we will continue to offer support as Durham Johnston will always be their school. Congratulations Year 11 – it has been a pleasure to have you represent the school. 

Andrew O’Sullivan