Choosing your Options


Please make sure you have read through all the information available, sought guidance and asked any questions you have before completing the online options form.

Remember, you will have to study these courses for two years and will not be able to change your mind part way through Year 10! It is really important that you make the best choices for you.

Students can access the online options form by: 

1. Clicking on this link.

2. Selecting the option “Sign in with SIMs”.  

3. Entering their school username and password – e.g.

A guide to completing the options form is below.

How to complete the Options Form

Please note: Students must be registered to access the option form. Students completed the registration process in form period with their tutor. If any students missed this session a quick guide to registering is given below. 

Registering for Options Online



Parents are required to approve their child’s option choices. Parents are able to access their child’s option form either through the SIMs Parent App or by clicking on this link and signing in. A short guide on how sign in and approve your child’s choices can be found below. 

Please note: Parents must be registered with the SIMs parent app to access their child’s option form. Any parent who are not registered need to first complete a consent form. This consent form and full details on how to register can be found at this link.

Parent/Carer - Approving the Options Form