Extra-Curricular Activities

Clubs and Activities

We have an extensive programme of lunchtime and extra-curricular activities to which all children are welcome, and all of which are free of charge. The exact programme changes depending on the term, and can be found below. Parents should please note that there is no child care at Durham Johnston. If a young person decides to stay behind in school it must be for a specific activity as published in the extra-curricular activities programme, or by arrangement with an individual teacher.

One of the most important aspects of life in secondary school is that young people begin to start to take responsibility for themselves. It is very important therefore that you develop an arrangement about how your child will let you know what is happening after school if they are taking part in an activity and how they will get home. Also, if your child is to be picked up, at what time and where. We try to make sure that all the pick-up times for team engagements are published on the website. Please do not be late to collect children playing in away fixtures or returning from educational visits. If you are picking up a child after an activity or fixture, it is fine to come into the school car park after 15.15 p.m., after the school buses have gone.


Music Tuition

Through partnership with Durham Music Service, we offer tuition in singing and a wide range of instruments. Lessons, which may be in small groups, or individual if possible, are weekly and lesson times rotate to ensure that pupils do not miss part of the same curriculum lesson on consecutive weeks. Where possible, we try to provide fixed slots for pupils in Year 11 to 13 outside the teaching day, or in study periods.

There is a charge for this provision, although costs are subsidised by the Arts Council and extra financial support is available for Pupil Premium students and those in Local Authority Care.

Pupils who receive lessons from the Music Service in Year 6 are automatically transferred to our registers and throughout the year there are often opportunities to start/ restart tuition. Please contact Mr Holmes (Subject Leader for Music) if you have any questions.

Extra-Curricular Activities