What subjects are studied by Key Stage 3 students?

Durham Johnston is a very traditional school and the KS3 curriculum is exactly as you would probably expect!  Students study:







Religious Education






PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education)

These subjects form the basis for our Key Stage Three Curriculum Pathway, remaining very consistent in Years 8 and 9, but with the addition of a second language for almost all of our students; currently Spanish, German, Mandarin or Latin. We believe that the traditional subject areas give young people a variety of interesting things to learn about and the chance to get to know the world. We seek to prepare our students for a changing world, but to also ensure that they have an excellent general knowledge. ‘Knowing things’ can be very important in building confidence; going into greater depth can develop a life-long interest in learning. Most of our classes in Year 7 are taught in form groups except for Maths and English, where the young people are put in sets according to ability as reported by the primary school. More subjects are ‘set’ in Year 8 and 9. If a child is in the ‘wrong’ set, the department will adjust their set after baseline or progress tests have been completed. Our main priority is always that students can access appropriate material and that they make progress. Sometimes it is hard for parents to understand that a child who may have been among the cleverest at primary school is not in ‘set 1.’ However, we have 270 young people in every year group. All of our sets are expertly taught and give students the appropriate level of complexity and work that they will find stimulating and challenging. 


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