March 2022

Dear Parent/s and Carer/s

I am very pleased that your family have accepted a place at Durham Johnston Comprehensive School and I would like to formally welcome you to our school community.

Preparing to change schools is always a very exciting prospect and we want to ensure that all students feel confident when making that transition. Your child will be safe and happy here, we want them to flourish academically as well as contributing socially to the wider life of the school. We hope that coming to Durham Johnston in September is something that your child is looking forward to. We will share additional information via our website in the summer term, so that students can start to access the range of opportunities that we offer. We will write to the Head Teachers of the primary schools that we will be working with as part of the transition process and this will also help us to plan effectively for September 2022.

Please explore the rest of this section of the website, where you will find more transition information including:

  • Life at Durham Johnston Comprehensive School
  • General Information about school protocols

We hope to host parental information evenings in the summer term and we will also offer virtual opportunities for parents to work with our transition team. We are already planning for additional induction opportunities for students so that they have a chance to become familiar with the school, their teachers and the other students that they will develop friendships with in their time at Durham Johnston.   

I look forward to welcoming you and your child to the school in September 2022 and wish your family good health and best wishes for the coming weeks.

Yours faithfully

A J O’Sullivan