What clubs are on offer?

We have an extensive programme of lunchtime and extra-curricular activities to which all children are welcome. The exact programme is published in the first two weeks of term and is available on the school website too. Free transport is provided after school on Wednesday afternoons to enable those young people dependent upon school transport to stay in school for extra-curricular activities. Parents should please note again that there is no child care at Durham Johnston. If a young person decides to stay behind in school it must be for a specific activity as published in the extra-curricular activities programme, or by arrangement with an individual teacher.

We are pleased that we have been able to resume our extra-curricular clubs and activities, and you can see the current clubs on offer at this link.

One of the most important aspects of life in secondary school is that young people begin to start to take responsibility for themselves. It is very important therefore that you develop an arrangement about how your child will let you know what is happening after school if they are taking part in an activity and how they will get home. Also, if your child is to be picked up, at what time and where. We try to make sure that all the pick-up times for team engagements are published on the website. Please do not be late to collect children playing in away fixtures or returning from educational visits. If you are picking up a child after an activity or fixture, it is fine to come into the school car park after 15.15 p.m., after the school buses have gone.

If your child has previously had music tuition through Durham Music Service and you would like this to continue, please download and return the letter below.

DMS Music Tuition