We hope that we are your first choice for September 2021


I would like to welcome you to this online overview of Durham Johnston Comprehensive School.

We are a popular, highly successful and inclusive comprehensive school, with an excellent track record of consistent academic success. We hope to provide an opportunity for students and their parents to attend a traditional Open Evening at a later date; as this is not currently possible, we have assembled a number of resources on this section of our website to give you a sense of what life at Durham Johnston is like.  Although it is impossible to recreate the unique communal and academic atmosphere which makes Durham Johnston such a successful school, we hope the information given here will help you in your choice of Sixth Form. 

We take great pride in the range of support that we offer to each individual student and we are proud of all that they achieve. Our students achieve excellent examination results and they grow to become confident, articulate and thoughtful young people in their time with us. We think very carefully about how students develop over their time at the school, whether that is for the first time in Year 12, or continuing from Year 11, and take great care with transition to post-16 education and other key milestones as our students develop and take their next steps.


The school has an experienced, skilled and dedicated staff, excellent facilities and a wide and varied programme of opportunities for all students. We offer a broad curriculum and give our students the time to study subjects in depth, so that they can make informed choices and deepen their knowledge. At A Level, we consistently achieve results that make us one of the best state schools in the country. Extra-curricular opportunities, clubs, societies and our house system all allow students to develop into rounded individuals with a wide range of interests.


Academic success is supported by our pastoral system, which provides a strong base for students' personal development and we enjoy a close, positive relationship with parents and the wider community.  We also encourage students to play an active role within their local community and regularly stress the importance of public service and the need to help others. Our staff are proud to be maintaining the traditions established in 1901 and the school represents a model of consistency for parents and students alike. We do things because we believe them to in the interests of our students, not because they are expedient or fashionable. 


You will find information in this section relating to our ethos and values, our prospectus, school performance and admission. There is an introduction from Anne Lennon, Head of Sixth Form, as well as thoughts from our Head Student team. There is also an article relating to school being selected as the Sunday Times National Comprehensive School of the Year for 2019-20

We hope you enjoy reading and viewing the materials that that we have shared. Please send any questions that you may have to the following address: sixthformadmissions@durhamjohnston.org.uk, and our Sixth Form team will get back to you.


We look forward to welcoming you as visitors to our school site in the near future and hope that you choose our school.


Andrew O’Sullivan