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Key Stage 5 Media Studies – Information for students and parents

Year 12 and 13 Media Students follow the EDUQAS specification which can be accessed here and in the work folders below along with a more detailed Exam Guide document.

Year 12 students should be working on their Component 3 coursework production tasks – researching and planning for documentary and magazine production. See Year 12 Coursework brief document below. They should also be working through their Vogue and Big Issue study packs, before moving onto studying and working through the Assassins Creed study packs.

Year 13 students have access to all revision materials for every module and they should be working through exam guides, revision booklets and practice exam questions for each unit.

Full course maps, revision guides, useful links and theory guides are included in the folder section below.


Brief Course Information

Component 1: Media Products, Industries and Audiences

Section A: Analysing Media Language and Representation

There are two questions in this section:

  • one question assessing media language in relation to an unseen audio visual or print resource
  • one extended response comparison question assessing representation in one set product and an unseen audio-visual or print resource in relation to media contexts.

Section B: Understanding Media Industries and Audiences

This section assesses two of the following media forms – advertising, marketing, film, newspapers, radio, video games - and media contexts.

Component 2: Media Forms and Products in Depth

Section A – Television in the Global Age

Students will be analysing the Documentary form through a detailed study of The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Hurst and the Swedish Documentary No Burqas Behind Bars.

Section B – Magazines: Mainstream and Alternative Media

Students will be studying contemporary and historical magazines including Vogue, and The Big Issue.

Section C – Media in the Online Age

Students will study self–representation and the impact of digital technology on media production through a series of case studies including Zoella and Attitude.

Media Studies Documents