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GCSE Computer Science (J276)

GCSE Computer Science has two written papers. The first focuses on Computer Systems and the second on Computational Thinking, Algorithms and Programming.

Every student has access to a Microsoft Office 365 Class OneNote where all of the course content, worksheets and presentations are stored. We will continue to maintain this throughout.  Please use this resource (as you always have), follow the guidance and timings to develop your subject knowledge. 

We would also recommend the following websites as additional sources of revision:





OCR Specification

Full specification detailing each topic and contents of each.


Computer Science 6 a day

A website that has a bank of past exam questions along with the answers on a separate sheet. When revising, trying doing one of these a day when revising as it will help with exam practice and help to identify your areas of weakness


Craig & Dave

A superb YouTube channel full of useful resources and explanations of the theory elements to the course


BBC Bitesize

Computer Science

Bitesize is a good overview of the theory topic areas that we cover throughout the course



Online coding environment


Code Academy

Interactive Coding tutorials in lots of languages. Up to date content with more tutorials being added all of the time





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