GCSE Drama - Information for parents and students

At GCSE we study the AQA exam board specification, which can be found at this link.


Content covered so far:

In Year 10, students have finished learning about Theatre Knowledge and Understanding which appears on their written exam paper. It is important that students regularly revise this material so that they retain this key knowledge. Revision material is available as Task 3 in the documents below.

Students have also completed a written evaluation on live theatre seen in school, which is another component on the written examination. It is important that students review and improve this work if they have access to this document in their own documents. More tasks will be available on the school website shortly.


Students have also been preparing for the devised performance component. This is worth 40% of their overall GCSE qualification. They had completed the first practical section, response, and had drafted their first piece of written coursework related to this.  It is important that students ensure this draft is completed, either on a word document in their school documents, or hand written if this is not possible. Guidance on this is below, labelled Task 1. Students had then started to work on the next part of the practical, development which means polishing their piece of work. We will return to this when school reopens. Students should be able to also start working on the relating written work, and guidance is in Task 2 below.


Possible extra tasks

We will be studying a play version of Hansel and Gretel as the final part of the written examination. Students could start preparing by completing the task below labelled ‘Year 10 Set Text Introduction’.



Question types:

GCSE Drama is assessed via a range of question types including multiple choice, describing, analysing and evaluating. It is recommended that students incorporate exam practice into their studies each week. Example questions and practice exam papers can be found in the assessment section of the AQA website. Students can also take simple fact and key terminology tests to make sure they’re embedding the key knowledge they need, by using helpful websites like BBC Bitesize GCSE Drama.


Drama Documents