Welcome to the Home Learning Resources section of the website.


Parts of this section are still under development.


Teachers have prepared a number of resources to enable you to continue your learning at home during the school closure.


Please select from the options in the left hand menu to navigate to subject areas, where you will find a number of documents, all clearly labelled with the year group they are intended for. You can view these documents on the page, or download them to your own device.


At the bottom of the list, you will find User Help Guides if required.


Please keep any work completed safe so it can be shared with staff when the school becomes fully operational again. 


Please be patient whilst staff create and upload additional resources.



Working at home: advice for all students


Create a designated space to work. It needs to be somewhere quiet, and away from other distractions. It’s not a good idea to work sitting on your bed, for example; this can cause difficulty separating school work from the rest of your day. Although your work needs to be taken off the school website, wherever possible, try to work on paper to give yourself a break from screens.


Follow a routine. Get up and get dressed in the morning – even though you’re not going anywhere, being ready for the day gives your brain the signal that it’s time to start work. Try to follow your timetable; we design timetables to give an appropriate amount of time to each subject area based on your key stage, so that’s a good place to start. It will also mean that you take regular breaks.


Look after your mental and physical health. Try to eat sensibly, at regular intervals, and to move your body during the day. There are lots of resources available online for excellent home exercise routines which can be done with minimal space and equipment. Stay in touch with friends and family whilst being sensible and protecting your health. If you find things are starting to get on top of you, we have collected together some mental health resources which can be found towards the bottom of the list of menu options on this page.


Other resources


As well as the work prepared for you by DJCS staff, there are some excellent online resources available. BBC Bitesize, Seneca Learning, and TED Ed are great places to start. More links will be coming soon.