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Dates for your Diary

  • School closed - Friday 30 November - please click on following link for information regarding term and holiday dates up until July 2020 School term and holiday dates 2018-2020
  • Year 13 Parents' Consultation Evening - Monday 3 December 3.30 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.
  • Year 7 and 8 Santa Run - period 5 on Friday 14 December
  • Annual Carol Service - Friday 21 December
  • Christmas Holidays - Monday 24 December - Friday 4 January 2019 - school re-opens on Monday 7 January 2019


Important Information for Year 9 Parents and Carers

The Immunisation Team routinely provides the recommended protection to year 9 pupils against:

  • Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio (DTP)
  • Meningitis ACWY
  • Also known as school leaver boosters

Pupils in Durham, Darlington and Teesside secondary schools will be offered these immunisations during the spring term 2019.

If you wish for your child to have these vaccines please complete an electronic consent form by using the following link:


(Please note that this can be completed on smart phones and tablets)

If you would like further information regarding these immunisations, please see the following link:         


If you have any questions regarding this or do not have internet access or difficulty completing the form please contact the Childhood Immunisation Team for Durham, Darlington and Teesside on telephone number 0300 003 0013.

Mrs J Coady, Attendance & Welfare Manager


County of Durham Benevolent Fund

The County of Durham School Benevolent Fund provides grants for families living within the County Durham area to purchase school shoes and coats for children in Primary and Secondary School.  Applicants must be in receipt of one of the benefits listed in the guidance notes and application form and evidence of the benefit must be sent with the application form to:

Mrs A Overfield

Thornhill Primary School

Thornhill Gardens

County Durham

DL4 1ES.

For guidance please refer to the reverse of the application form or telephone 01388 772906 for further information.

Mrs Coady, Attendance & Welfare Manager


Poetry By Heat - Battlefields Trip

One of my homework assignments in Year 8 was to learn by heart and recite a World War 1 poem.  Little did I know at the time that I would be rewarded for my efforts with an all expenses paid trip to Belgium and France to visit the battlefields.

I chose to learn the longest poem I could find - 13 verses - “Rouen” by British poet May Wedderburn Cannan.

After reciting the poem in class I was selected to represent the school in a national Poetry by Heart competition and delighted to be named as a “star reciter”.  I was awarded two amazing poetry books and a chance to experience first hand (with my friend Alina and Mrs Jenkins) the places described in the poems where the soldiers bravely fought.

5 cemeteries, several war memorials, museums, a trench re-enactment, army ration sampling, fabulous poetry recitations, tour historians, [a French fuel protest blockade] and a moving ceremony of the Last Post at the Menin Gate, I now have a much clearer understanding of the hardships suffered by those involved in WW1.  Even prepared with numerous layers of modern clothing we were absolutely freezing.  It doesn’t bear thinking how cold the soldiers would have been.

What a fantastic opportunity I was so fortunate to have .... all from a piece of English homework!

Zoë Clark,  9HH

What an experience this was. I don't think we could have found a more location-packed, informative tour if we'd tried. Seriously, it was a non-stop travelcade to Vimy Ridge, The Menin Gate, Mametz Woods, Sunken Lane, The Somme to name but a few of the many destinations we visited.

A real highlight for me was the students themselves. Zoe Clark and Alina Krokhina were exemplary but what was particularly refreshing  -  I didn't need to have my teacher hat on - constantly checking students and their behaviour, monitoring the movement and attentiveness of the students around me. It was so liberating. I could relax and enjoy the experience alongside students and colleagues alike.

Reading poetry at each of the locations was very moving and it has to be said, here again, Durham Johnston students set the bar. Zoe's recitation of 'Rouen' by Mary Wedderburn Cannan was phenomenal. Staff and students were amazed at her ability to memorise such a long poem and deliver it with 'musicality and expression.'

Both girls were a credit to the school and I feel privileged to have been part of Zoe's fantastic prize from the Poetry By Heart organisation.  

Mrs Jenkins, English Department


Word of the Week




Sixth Form Notice - 3 December 2018

Sixth Form Notice - 3 December 2018

Sixth Form Societies 2018

Sixth Form students have the opportunity to join our extensive range of student-led societies which meet regularly during lunchtime and after school each week.  

We tell students "Not something here for you?  Start one"

Please click  here to see what societies are currently offered.


House Notices

Giving Back To The Community

This year the house system will work to ensure we 'give back' to the local community, helping causes close to our hearts.  

This week a cheque for £200 has been sent to our local foodbank to help purchase essentials to aid families who need support this Christmas, and to make their festive period that litle bit brighter.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far, you really do make such a difference.

Miss Forbes, Senior Teacher


Art Department Notice

Year 10 Sketchbook Examples

This term our year 10 art students have made the transition from KS3 to KS4. They have all been working on a wide range of personal projects, and the work now being created shows how bright the future is. The images shown are from students' developmental work taken from their sketchbooks.  We can't wait to see final outcomes.

Please click on the following link to view selection of work done in Mrs Meacham's classes this month.

Artists of the Month

Mr Devlin, Subject Leader for Art


Music Notices


Final Rehearsals

Tuesday 11th Dec

2.45 - First Half Rehearsal - please be prepared to stay until 4.00, if necessary.

This is for Wind Band, Junior Orchestra, Junior Choir.


Wednesday 12th Dec

2.45 – Second Half Rehearsal - please be prepared to say until 4.00, if necessary.

This is for Senior Choir, Senior Orchestra, Chamber Choir and DJ Brass.*

(*Big Band will be performing in the second half of the concert and their final rehearsal will be on Friday 7th at 2.45)


The Concert – Thursday 13th December

First Part

This starts at 6.30. All participating students need to be in school by 6.15 and please could all audience members be seated in James Hall by 6.25. If you also have a ticket for the second part, please also surrender your ticket for a second half programme to save you needing the leave the hall in the brief interval between parts one and two.

Second Part

We will ask everyone that does not have a programme for the second part to vacate the hall at the end of the first part and then those with tickets for second part will be admitted in time for the second half to start around 7.30. Please could students who are performing in the second half be in school by 7.20.

Concert Dress

This is school uniform without jumpers or blazers as the hall gets rather warm. Tinsel and other festive adornments are welcome, as long as they don’t stop instruments working correctly.

Samling Academy Taster Day – Saturday 12 January 2019, Northumbria University

As you may know, Samling Academy exists to develop the next generation of classical singers in the North East of England. Each year a number of young people aged 14 to 19 in this region are benefiting from their unique training and performance opportunities. More information about Samling Academy can be found on our website. The taster day on 12th January is aimed at pupils in Years 8–12 and it is completely free for them to attend. Please take a look on their website, or contact me for further information.

Mr Holmes,  Subject Leader for Music


PE Department News

Outstanding news from the National cross-country finals which took place at Woodbridge School, Suffolk on Saturday. Over 600 schools entered and both our junior boys and girls teams had reached the finals. Our boys finished 14th in the country and in an outstanding performance our girls finished in 3rd place.   Well done to all, with a special mention for Freya Gibson who came in 10th position out of 162 runners, just fantastic. Jessica Peart and Charlotte Dillon were 25th & 26th with Lucy Pinkney in 51st. Both Ruby Phillips and Grace Dale ran the race of their lives to keep us in that top 3 position, because for every runner they beat or overtook it was more points for the other schools, keeping us at the top. Very well done one and all. The runners with encouraged by the inspirational poster made in the hotel the previous evening!




On Monday our U16 and U19 basketball teams both had English Schools matches at home against St Aidan’s, Harrogate. The U16 game remained close throughout but we took control in the last 5 minutes going on to win 45 – 37. The U19 game was also close for the first quarter but we were 6 points ahead at half-time eventually going on to win 67 – 54 to remain top of the North-east group.

On Tuesday our Year 7 and 8 boys and girls sportshall athletics teams were at DCBC for the Area competition. We completely dominated to event winning an amazing 28 out of the 32 running races and several of the field events. The final results were:

Year 7 boys – 1st

Year 7 girls – 1st

Year 8 boys – 1st

Year 8 girls – 1st

All four teams now go forward to the County finals in March.

Also on Tuesday our Year 7 5-a-side football team were at Parkside for the league tournament. They won 3 and drew 1 of their games. We are still waiting for confirmation but hopefully they will have qualified for the finals.

On Wednesday our U19 basketball team were back in English Schools action as they travelled to Hartlepool VIth form College. This was an outstanding game of basketball between two very good teams. The lead changed hands throughout the game but we remained calm at the end scoring the last 4 points to secure an excellent 81 – 75 victory. We remain unbeaten and top of the north-east group with only 1 game to go against Fulford College, York.

Also on Wednesday our Year 7 girls football team were at home against High Tunstall in the English Schools cup. This was an outstanding performance as we dominated the game playing some excellent football. We were 4 – 0 ahead at half-time and continued to score in the second half going on to reach the next round with a 10 – 0 victory.

Finally on Wednesday our Year 7 rugby team were at Blaydon RFU for the county tournament. In difficult conditions they played some excellent rugby. They lost a very close first game to Emmanuel College by one try and finished the tournament with a comprehensive victory over Whickham.  We will now wait to see if we qualify for the County finals after Christmas.

Finally good luck tonight to our U15 girls football team who are playing Macmillan Academy in the English Schools Cup 4th round.



Extra Curricular Activities

Please click on the link below for updated information on extra-curricular activities offered during 1st and 2nd lunch and after school.

Extra Curricular Activities - Autumn Term 2018


Football Match Reports Link

Football Match Reports


Term and holiday dates 2018-2020

School term and holiday dates 2018-2020


Well done to all  special mention for Freya Gibson who came in 10th position out of 162 runners, just fantastic. Jessica Peart and Charlotte Dillon were 25th & 26th with Lucy Pinkney in 51st. Both Ruby Phillips and Grace Dale ran the race of their lives to keep us in that top 3 position, because for every runner they beat or overtook it was more points for the other schools, keeping us at the top. Very well done one and all.