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Dates for Your Diary

·         Monday 20th April – Year 8 Parents’ Consultation Evening, 4pm-6pm

·         Monday 4th May – School Closed – May Day

·         Monday 25th May – Summer Half Term (1 Week)


Headteacher’s Message

Dear parents and carers,

This week I hosted a delegation of Australian principals from Perth. It was interesting to see how much schools have in common all over the world. They were asking about finances, how schools are governed, and how the curriculum is planned among other areas of interest. It was one of those occasions where I was very proud of the staff and students at school. Our visitors were very impressed by the school and the students that they spoke to over the course of their visit.

This is always a busy half-term as our examination cohorts are working hard in preparation for GCSEs and A levels in a few weeks. Nevertheless, there are still many events taking place at school. You will see in the bulletin that we hosted prospective political candidates for this constituency this week, we have had a visiting lecturer supporting our chemists, and we are preparing to support Durham Foodbank.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Wardle, Headteacher


Important information for Year 11 Students and their Parents / Carers

Year 11 examinations start this term and it is vital that Year 11 students are organised and that they have started to revise.  We are very keen to ensure that students have access to the best possible advice and support.

Students have already been well prepared by their subject teachers and it is very important that they continue to seek clarification and guidance in class. There are also some very helpful revision materials on the school website that can be accessed via the following links: an overview of revision advice from each department; some sensible suggestions for students about how and when to revise and some thoughts for parents and carers, as we know that you will want to provide as much support as possible at home.

Departmental revision advice

Revision advice for students

Revision advice for parents

Mr O’Sullivan, Assistant Head


Conservative and Labour Candidates Visit Sixth Form

On Thursday morning the prospective Conservative candidate Rebecca Coulson and Labour candidate Roberta Blackman-Woods came in to address the sixth form.  After their introductory speeches they responded to nearly an hour of in-depth questioning from the students.  Some other candidates will be visiting the school over the coming weeks.  The school mock election is due to be held on May 5th.

Mr McArdle, Head of Sixth Form


Year 11 Leavers’ – 13th May 2015

Please view the following information regarding Year 11 pupils and the structure of their last full day in school.

·         The Year 11 Leavers’ Assembly will take place on Wednesday 13th May. 

·         Year books will be given out during registration.

·         Periods 1-2 will be as normal and Assembly will be in James Hall after break.

·         Students will leave the site around 12pm.

·         Study leave begins on Thursday 14th May.

However, there are a number of revision sessions for targeted students in a range of subjects including English and Maths.

Mr Bancroft, Deputy Head


Year 11 Hoodies 

This is the first time that the opportunity to purchase hoodies has been offered to Year11 students and has been organised by students on the World Challenge 2016 project team.  Hoodies cost £20 and each hoodie sold will generate a donation of £5 towards the World Challenge Expedition in 2016.  

Please click here to dowload a hoodie request form. 

Ski Visit 2016 – Payment Instalments

A reminder to all parents of pupils going on the 2016 ski visit that the second instalment of £155 is due by May 1st.



Amount Payable

To be paid by

2nd Instalment


Friday 1st May 2015

3rd Instalment


Friday 3rd July 2015

4th Instalment


Friday 11th September 2015

5th and final instalment


Friday 6th November 2015


Mrs Hopper, PE Department


Herriot Watt University

Dr Magnus Bebbington from Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh visited the sixth form Chemistry students on Wednesday 15th April. Having studied Chemistry at Durham University he was aware of the reputation of Durham Johnston. The subject of his lecture was Chirality (handedness of molecules). He provide the students with a university style lecture and provide an insight into the important differences molecules have just because the way the same atoms are bonded to each other. He gave the examples of orange and lemon scents, similar smells but caused by molecules which are mirror images of each other.

Talking about the lecture afterwards he said he had never had so many students attend one of his lectures, this is praise indeed and he has delivered lectures in schools all over Scotland and northern England for the last 9 years.  

Mr Bowman, Science Department


Foodbank Collections


We are collecting for Durham Foodbank again this term.  Durham Foodbankrelies on food donations to feed local people in crisis.  From tins of fruit to cartons of UHT milk.  If you are able, please provide donations of in-date, non-perishable food from our shopping list

Your help is appreciated!

Mrs Dunn, Science Department


Music Notices

Many thanks to those parents/carers who have already sent in their voluntary contributions towards instrumental/ vocal tuition. If you have been paying termly, then I would be glad to receive this term’s cheque at any time before the end of next week.

Instrumental and vocal tuition continues during public examinations, and pupils on study leave are encouraged to come into school for their lessons wherever possible. They do not have to be in school uniform if they are only coming into school for an instrumental lesson. If pupils are unable to make lessons, please would you encourage them to inform their teachers so that their lesson times can be reallocated.

Mr Holmes, Subject Leader for Music


6th Form Notices

If you would like to keep up to date with what is going on in the Sixth Form please click on this link! W/C 20/04/15

Mrs Lennon, Deputy Head of Sixth Form


Sports News

On Tuesday our Year 7 and 8 football teams were at Greenfield for the final league games of the season. The Year 7’s finished their season with a 3 – 1 win and the Year 8 team had a disappointing end losing 3 – 0. Four of our football teams are currently top of the league – with only one week of the season to go.

On Wednesday our Year 9 football team were at home in the semi-final of the Tyneside Cup against Queen Elizabeth, Hexham. We went 1 – 0 down but a Cain Leight penalty got us back into the match. We grew in confidence from there eventually going on to win 4 – 1.

Also on Wednesday our Year 10 football team were playing St John’s in the League Cup semi-final. The score was 2 – 2 with 15 minutes to go but we just ran out of steam eventually losing 5 – 2.

On Thursday our Year 8 rugby team travelled to Morpeth to face Chantry Middle School in the semi-final of the Tyneside Cup. They are a very strong team and we never recovered from a slow start eventually losing 34 – 10.

Also this week all our summer term clubs have started including tennis, athletics, cricket and rounders. It was excellent to see 30 Year 7 boys at the trial on Thursday – they have their first match next week against Castle View.

Finally good luck to our Year 8 & 9 basketball teams who are at Newton Aycliffe Leisure centre on Sunday afternoon competing in the Durham Wildcats CVL. This will take place before the final Wildcats game of the season against Worcester.

Mr Hopper, Subject Leader for PE