Durham Johnston Comprehensive School

Dare to be wise

Rugby Match Reports 2016-17


On the 30th December the Year 7 rugby travelled away to Bishop Auckland Rugby club to face there rivals, St Johns RC school. The opposition comprised of both Year 8s and Year 7s but this did not phase the Johnston lot. The game was “fast paced and physical” as described by the captain, Sean Foots.

As the light faded, Man of the Match, Lenny “the dog” Storey shone bright with his dazzling try stunning the defence. Yet this was not the only source of illumination as Kai’s bright blue boots sparkled as he arrived 30 minutes late due to the error of Mr Kidd.

Finally after a tough battle the game ended 5 all a great result which was well deserved. Both teams played to a high standard with expansive , dynamic rugby. Great promise is shown by this team which hopefully will go on to only get better.

Report by Nick McGoay





Match Against King’s Priory School 17.10.2106 by Dylan Swinburne

We were excused from lesson 5 to catch what was left of the fading light but the clouds had already done most of that. We drove for 45 minutes to get to a playing field near South Shields. Once we got there the field was soaking because of the previous shower that lasted for an hour. The words of advice from Mr Humberstone were “don’t muck about.” still ringing in our ears, we started our warm-ups.

We were called in for a team talk which consisted of committing to tackles and contesting for the ball. Captain Joe Bennett was called over to decide who starts heads or tails, heads... “We’ll receive.”  

We started well, collecting 3 tries by half time. We huddled around and discussed our performance so far “Dylan you’re too polite in fact, you’re the politest rugby player in this group”. We set the game off once more and after a symphony of high tackles by the opposition they scored twice. We were unstoppable in the scrums though and great in the attack. The final score was 25:10 to Durham Johnston school (or 5 tries to 2). The game finished with a flourish of hoorays and handshakes to one and other.

We clambered onto the bus and discussed our match in full. Mr Humberstone started out with, “It was a good match, probably the best we’ve ever done! For his superior tackling and commitment the man of the match is Will Robinson and a special clap for Roan Varley who has discovered tackling for the first time”. 

We set off, beating the tunnel traffic to Durham.... Another victory!





Year 7

On Monday 17thOctober, our promising year 7 rugby team travelled to Harton Technology College where 2 games awaited. The first game saw the boys take on Harton, they battled hard sand secured a draw in their first game with both sides scoring 2 tries. The second game had St Johns as the opponents and the lads came out on top in that one with a close 3 tries to 2 score line. The undoubted man of the match for his excellent tackling and overall performance was Kai Patterson.

Harton 10-10 Durham Johnston

Durham Johnston 15-10 St Johns

(Report provided by Sean Foots yr7)


Year 8

Emmanuel College vs Durham Johnston (1stround of County Cup)

The signs weren't looking as though the Y8s were going to get off to a good start to this fixture as half down the A1 the mini bus rolled to standstill. The ever reliable Mr Humberstone got things rolling again however and things were on the up. That was the case up until the lads set foot onto the pitch with EC taking an early 5-0 lead. DJ fought back and gained a 10-5 advantage thanks to tries from Joe Bennett and Dylan Swinburn. On the stroke of half time some sloppy passing from DJ gave EC a chance to get back into the game and arguably undeservedly, they did just that. Half time score, 10-10. Substitutions were made at half time with one debutant replacing the other with, Charlie Phillips coming on for Harvey Edmunson. After the restart 2 great team tries gave DJ a 20-10 lead thanks to some great offloading from the likes of Ollie McKenna and Will Robinson which gave Nathan the rhino Eddie and Joe Bennett a sight of the try line which they both took. A series of penalties and some arguing with the referee by Ben Glanville meant that DJ were parked on their own try line and the forwards couldn't keep them out, 15-20. DJ quashed any doubts that might have begun to creep into the mindset with a try from Alex Lythgoe and a fantastic solo effort from Simon Zhu gave DJ  a comprehensive 30-15 lead. EC still didn't give up as they pulled one back and piled on even more pressure with a combined tackle from Will McKenna and Joe Bennet enough to keep the hosts at bay.

Full time score: Emmanuel College 20-30 Durham Johnston

(Report provided by Joe Bennett, yr8)



Yr. 10 rugby  vs Thorpe Academy.

On Thursday night  our team faced a well drilled experience Thorpe team academy, of whom the majority play for Ryton RFC.

The game started badly conceding early , however a quick reply from Moyo Adewumi meant the game stayed  close. Then Thorpe scored 2 tries quickly and were leading 19-5 at half time. After the break Durham Johnston scored first with a brilliant team try from a well worked lineout, Thorpe quickly replied for the score to be 26-12 . Then some combative play at the breakdown by Tom Hetherington led to a turn over in midfield, followed by a powerful carry from 'Man of the Match', Sam Parrish, resulting in another try for the home team.

This was the toughest opposition that Durham Johnston has faced and Thorpe finished the stronger, scoring a couple of late tries, and the final was 38-19 to Thorpe.


(Report provided by Tom Hetherington, Y10)