Durham Johnston Comprehensive School

Dare to be wise


Manners are very important to us at Durham Johnston.

Manners are the way you behave and treat others. Good manners make people want to be with you and think the best of you. With good manners you are polite, thoughtful and considerate. They are words and actions that show others you care.

The Polite Way To Talk:

How do you do?
Good Morning Mrs.....
Hello, Sir
Please have a seat
It was a pleasure to meet you
May I help?
Thank you for the lesson
Good bye. See you tomorrow!
Excuse me
I beg your pardon
I'm sorry

Examples of the Polite way to Act:

Wait until people have finished talking before you start
Say sorry when you've made a mistake
Don't react to bad manners with bad manners
Let others through doors before you, especially if they are older than you
Wait for your turn to come
Greet strangers politely and cheerfully
Offer to help people

Bad manners - the rude way to act

Gossiping about other people
Picking on other people
Making personal remarks
Stealing other people's education
Shouting and swearing
Any kind of physical cruelty
Ignoring people in need

Sometimes in the north east we call bad-mannered people ‘ignorant’. That’s exactly what they are: they don’t know the right way to act towards others.

Kindness shows strength of character: anger shows you have no self control.

Dare to be wise: dare to be nice too!