Durham Johnston Comprehensive School

Dare to be wise

We are committed to continual improvement. The school development plan (2014-2018) is based on honest appraisal of strengths and areas for further development. Our school plan does not only mirror Ofsted and performance priorities, but wider community engagement and supports the role that Durham Johnston plays in the wider educational landscape. As all schools, we have raising achievement plans linked to departmental and whole school performance, closely aligned to the monitoring and development of teaching and learning.  

We have five strategic priorities for the next four academic years:


Strategic priority one

Further improve provision and outcomes for students whose circumstances make them potentially vulnerable (specifically, SEND and PP students).

Strategic priority two

Improve motivation and commitment of ‘our rising stars’; those who, across time, lose motivation and make slower progress as a result.

Strategic priority three

Ensure that the formal and informal curriculum match the needs of the students and external examination changes.

Strategic priority four

Develop more robust links between the school and our parents, our community and our alumni.

Strategic priority five

Develop the effectiveness of our staff, by developing skills to match the curriculum, succession planning, and formalising the sharing of good practice.


Each year our focus will change dependent on current provision and outcomes for our students. For the academic year 2014-2015 some of our areas of work are listed below. A full school plan with actions, milestones, outcomes and accountability processes is in place. Behind each of these example actions lies a full development plan.


Strategic Priority One

Access database to be populated so PP finances, provision and impact can be monitored. Possibility of provision mapping for PP students to be researched.

Develop individual pupil profiles / IEP style documentation to further match teacher support to student need.

QA processes to focus on pupil premium students in order to research what is happening on the ground.

Year 7 DNA profiles to be developed. Protocols and procedures for the same to be strengthened.

Design and roll out of local offer to be completed (SEND).


Strategic Priority Two

Launch and review LG mentor groups in current Year 11.

Strengthen procedures and protocols for tutor time, and develop the understanding of the staff as to the role of the tutor

Fully research the experience of our rising stars to identify what levers are needed to improve both motivation and commitment. Where are the success stories?

Prepare both students and teachers for terminal examinations


Strategic Priority Three

Support development of the Guidance department through the ELG, policy review, curriculum review.

Ensure that school structures encourage the development and mapping of extra-curricular activity

Fully respond to consultations (specifically Kirkland Rowell)

Key Stage 3 curriculum to be underpinned by an effective system of levelling from 2015 onwards.


Strategic Priority Four

Develop alumni network: begin to use the time (teaching support), talents (professional support) and finances (sponsorship) to make both efficiency savings and to develop the curriculum.

Further develop use of social media to this end (LinkedIn)

Further develop our links with local universities, in particular, Durham University

Further develop the culture festival and lengthen our list of partners


Strategic Priority Five

Support relaunch of teaching and learning group. Ensure group has access to policy change.

Roll out use of SISRA among middle leaders and staff

Ensure CPD pathways and other directed time mirror the new strategic priorities