Durham Johnston Comprehensive School

Dare to be wise

Durham Johnston is a vibrant community and we recognise that your child contributes in many varied ways. These achievements may be in the form of good progress with their work, an excellent performance, excellent attendance or a contribution to school life in some way.

As part of the whole school rewards policy your child will have an opportunity three times a year to be awarded a certificate for:

• Attendance
• Academic endeavour

Students can be awarded one of these certificates once a term after the reports are issued.

If they are awarded the certificates for a second time they will be awarded a Year Leader badge. If they are awarded the certificates for a third time they will be awarded the Headteacher badge.

Your child might also win a school award in the annual Celebration of achievement.

If your child achieves recognition for something that they do outside of school please tell us about it, we will be very interested. We love to know what they are doing outside of school!