Durham Johnston Comprehensive School

Dare to be wise

At open evenings and in the weekly bulletin I often mention the importance of the home-school-child relationship. It is crucial that schools work hand-in-hand with parents and youngsters to make the most of their time at school. I seek to ensure that the relationship between school and home is strong, for the benefit of our youngsters here at Durham Johnston.


We hope that the information on the website it helpful to you. We communicate with parents in the following ways:


  1. The weekly bulletin highlights events which are planned in addition to informing parents about the life of the school. It also provides links to letters sent to parents in pdf format, and information about extra-curricular events.
  2. The student organiser (see below) has much of the information you need as a parent at Durham Johnston. The ‘what should I do if ….?’ section contains very useful answers to frequently asked questions. Parents can communicate directly with the form tutor using this organiser.
  3. There is a SIMS Parent App which many parents have signed up for. This allows parents/carers to view key information on their child including seeing their timetable, dates for the diary and being notified of key information.
  4. At Durham Johnston parents receive progress information for students three times per year. This includes information about standards being reached, as well as the progress students are making.
  5. For Year 7 parents in particular, there is a programme of information events to support you when helping youngsters with homework or revision. These run each half term and have a different subject focus. These have been very well attended of late, and include programmes for English, mathematics, science and modern foreign languages.
  6. For Year 6 parents we offer a full induction programme. We realise that the move from primary to secondary can present challenges and post questions for parents as well as children, and our programme is both comprehensive and responsive to questions and needs of parents.
  7. At any time you can contact the school (see contact us), and your emails or messages will be forwarded to the most appropriate member of staff to deal with your queries.
  8. We also value the views of parents. There is a large biannual survey for parents, and we take messages from this seriously; some of the events outlined above were developed through consultation with parents and carers.
  9. There is a parent voice in the governing body. This ensures that the views of different groups associated with the school are heard.  
  10. Our Parents, Friends and Alumni Network was launched in September 2014.