Durham Johnston Comprehensive School

Dare to be wise

Promoting Careers Education Information and Guidance (CEIAG) at Durham Johnston

The Statutory Guidance on ‘Careers guidance and inspiration in schools, D of E, April 2014’ states schools have a critical role to play in preparing young people for the next stage of their education or training or beyond…..This will help every young person to realise their potential’. Outstanding careers education, information, advice and guidance is the holistic approach that ensures that we are capable of delivering young people who are inspired, motivated, educated and are fully prepared,  knowledgeable and career ready.

At Durham Johnston we ensure that it is delivered early in the student’s education to ensure that they make an informed and educated decision rather than a rash last minute one. It is educates in a manner that provides inspiration and motivation to students that will ensure they remain focussed and ambitious throughout Key Stage 3 and therefore make an informed Options choice in Yr9.

At Durham Johnston we are committed to ensuring that our students develop as independent young people with excellent personal qualities and moral standards who can recognise personal strengths and weaknesses which when added to the education in business career skills such as letter and CV writing, interview techniques etc. will make them more employable and subsequently a valuable member of the local community and society in general.


Rationale for CEIAG

All young people need a planned, progressive and structured programme of activities to help them make decisions and plan their careers, both in school and after they leave. The 1997 Education Act places a duty on schools to give students in Years 9-11 access to careers education, information, advice and guidance

Here at Durham Johnston Comprehensive School, weendeavour to follow and meet the guidance in the IAG quality standards, the National Framework for CEIAG 11-19 in England, as well as the 2008 National Curriculum for Economic Wellbeing and Financial Capability and Personal Wellbeing, in partnership with One point, DEBP and various other agencies.  We also endeavour to follow and meet the guidance in the Durham CEIAG Handbook 2014.


Delivery of CEIAG

The commitment to effective and informative CEIAG is started in Year 7 where students are taught a Careers Unit of 7 lessons as part of the PSHE and Citizenship curriculum. These are reinforced and developed by off timetabled Careers events that are held each year throughout KS3 and KS4. In addition we:

  • Hold a sixth form open day for year 11 pupils and parents interested in attending DJCS sixth form. (6th October)
  • In addition, to ensure we provide impartial and informative CEIAG we advertise open evenings for other FE providers and also take pupils to New College Durham open days.
  • Pupils in years 7-11 will complete careers activities during extended intervention time once a term.  
  • Year 11 students look at interview techniques on the last day of the first term. (18th December)
  • A careers advisor will attend parents evening for year 9 (23rd February) and 11 (17th November).  Parents will be asked to book an appointment in advance if they would like to speak to the careers advisor. 
  • All year 11 pupils will be tracked so we can easily identify those pupils at risk of becoming NEET and also those pupils who don’t know how to apply for different courses.  An electronic record will be kept and pupils will receive targeted support by P Kennedy. P Kennedy and the head of 6th form work together to ensure those pupils at risk of not achieving the grades needed for Durham Johnston sixth form have a second option to fall back on.
  • The school has bought into various careers packages students can access from school and home.  Details of these are on the school website and will be given out to pupils. 
  • We will have a careers week from 2-6th March.  This will be an even larger event than last year, which was our first careers week.  During this week a range of activities will be on offer for pupils:  careers exhibition, employability workshops, careers advisor in school all week offering advice to pupils in years 9 and 11, assemblies, subject route career displays, videos on website etc. 
  • The SEN coordinator works closely with our Onepoint contact, Clare McKenzie.  The SENCO provides a list of students who are on the learning support register and these students are given priority for careers interviews.  The careers advisers also attend review meetings.
  • Pupils take part in CEIAG related events organised by the enterprise and careers coordinators:  you’re hired you’re fired, duck day and careers in action.
  • The school website is updated termly, with careers information and advice to pupils and parents.
  • Pupils in key stages 3 and 4 are involved in economic wellbeing events and economic wellbeing is taught via year 7 PSHE. 
  • All learners have access to comprehensive, non-stereotypical careers and lifestyle information through the library system and the ICT programmes, such as Careerscape and Kudos the school uses as part of the planned CEIAG curriculum.  Pupils also receive passwords so this can be accessed from home. 
  • Options evenings are co-ordinated to enable attendance of all providers.
  • We offer pre-selection taster activities at New College Durham (23rd October) for learners interested in Diploma courses.