Durham Johnston Comprehensive School

Dare to be wise

Subject Overview

Students at Durham Johnston study at least one language up to the end of year 9. Most take two languages and some choose three in year 8 and 9.  Most students then choose to continue at least one language to GCSE level. This gives our young people a considerable advantage in their future careers. The global twenty-first century demands high levels of linguistic ability and we, at Durham Johnston, recognise this and embrace language study. We are a vibrant department which is totally committed to our subjects. We are very keen on technology and all lessons are based around the interactive whiteboard. Languages on offer are French, German, Spanish and Mandarin. In addition to our modern foreign languages, we are one of the few schools to offer Latin. Master classes are offered at lunch time in German, Spanish and Mandarin for those students who wish to learn a third language at Key Stage 3.


Languages at KS3

In year 7 students study French for two lessons per week throughout the year. In addition, they have one lesson per week of a second modern foreign language (German, Spanish and Mandarin) on a rolling programme of one term each. This means that by the end of year 7 all students have basic skills in 4 languages together with an insight into the culture and customs of the countries where these languages are spoken. In year 7 languages are taught in form groups and in sets from year 8 onwards. Most students choose to study two languages in years 8 and 9.