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Geography at DJCS

'Geography is the subject that holds the key to our future'

Michael Palin


Through the study of geography each pupil acquires special knowledge, skills and attitudes which will help them throughout their lives.  Geography, more than most subjects, enables students to make sense of economic, political, social and environmental issues.  It has a special role in fostering international understanding through teaching about different cultures and helps students to understand their environment and how human activity uses and misuses it.



Key Stage 3



Extended Homework Task





Introduction to Geography and Skills

Eitherdesign and produce a 3D model showing the site of Durham City or produce a detailed labelled field sketch or diagram of the peninsula.

Rivers and Flooding

For one river (or part of a river) of your choice, either describe its key features or explain how it is managed.

Africa: a continent of contrasts

Produce either an illustrated essay or a magazine article about one indigenous African group.

Cold Earth

What role has ice played in the UK?





Global Knowledge and Asia

Create a resource document about a country in Asia of your choice.


Carry out research about a specific stretch of coastline e.g. The Pembrokeshire coast, the Dutch coast.   Key questions: - What is it like? How was it formed? What are the physical and human attractions?  How is it managed?

Population and Urbanisation


Research a megacity of your choice.  Include: An overview of megacities, location and population of your chosen city, the problems and challenges, how your chosen city is trying to control population levels and what you think the future holds for your chosen megacity.

Weather and Climate

Research one climatic hazard (e.g. tornado, hurricane).  Explain why it happens, where it’s found, what its impacts are and how it is managed.  You must refer to at least one recent example.

Global Warming

Choose 2 contrasting places in the world (e.g. rich v poor).  Describe and explain how climate change will affect them.








Produce a case study about an NGO (charity) of your choice.

Our Restless Planet

Write an article for Geography Review magazine which compares a volcanic eruption with an earthquake.  Include: - causes, timeline of events, effects and responses

Russia and the Middle East

Compare and contrast the desert (Middle East) and Tundra (Russia) biomes.  Consider landscape features, vegetation, climate, animal adaptations and human uses.  You must include maps, images, data and text.

Rocks and Landscape


Select one of the following rock types: Granite; Sandstone; Marble; Limestone; Mudstone; Basalt; Pumice; Chalk; Slate

Complete an A4 (handwritten) research poster which answers the following:

  • How it forms?
  • Where it can be found (location) and why?
  • Different ways humans use it and specific examples?

Living off Earth’s resources

What will happen when oil runs out? Imagine a time in the near future when oil reserves have run out – what will the world be like?  Consider the immediate issues but also look at the long term consequences.  How will society function?

Globalisation and China

Produce a newspaper article about the growth and development of one multinational corporation (e.g. McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, BP).